Saturday, November 30, 2013

Buster Olney Suggest Yankees Should Cut A Rod

It is not well thought out articles like this that are used just to garner attention and views that ultimately got me into the blogging and, I use the word lightly here, media field. Olney of ESPN reported that the Yankees should and will outright cut and release Alex Rodriguez, the only thing is when they will do it, and my question is why?

The Yankees owe Alex Rodriguez $86 million over the next four seasons, a financial commitment that may be lightened if an arbitrator rules against him and sustains some sort of suspension, and if that ruling stands up to any inevitable legal challenge that Rodriguez may mount.

I don’t think it matters. I’m guessing — and that’s all it is, a guess — that Rodriguez has played his last game for the Yankees.If Rodriguez is ordered to serve the full 211 games in his suspension, I think they’ll cut him upon completion of his sentence. If his suspension is reduced, I think they’ll cut him. If he wins his case outright, I think they’ll cut him.

If Alex is suspended for 211 games, or hell at this point even if it is reduced to 162 games, there is a good possibility that Alex will retire after the suspension is over. If Alex does not retire then we have to pay him, and probably pay him to play for another team, so why cut him? Seems like a waste of time and a severe waste of money, something the coupon clipping brothers do not seem keen on doing.

Who is better, available, and on the market right now for the Yankees at third base better then Alex Rodriguez? Don't say Chase Headley because I said "for the Yankees" and we already went down that road and failed much like we did with David Freese. Who? Nobody, that is why you don't cut him. Well that and the $86 million.

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