Saturday, June 28, 2014

No Offense Ruins Tanaka's Great Start in 2-1 Loss to Red Sox

Back on June 8, the Yankees went for 1-for-17 with RISP in an embarrassing loss to the Royals.

In the game, the Yanks' offense, probably the most inconsistent in baseball, had plenty of chances to score or take the lead, but didn't due to a lazy effort.

Well, that kind of frustrating performance unfortunately happened again tonight, as the Bombers wasted a dominant start from Masahiro Tanaka in a tough, 2-1 defeat at the hands of the Red Sox.

In the outing, Tanaka wasn't the slightest bit inconsistent, although he did surrender a pair of homers to David Ross and Mike Napoli, with Napoli's coming with two outs and two strikes in the top of the ninth. 

Interestingly, that blast from Napoli happened in his fourth and final plate appearance, following his striking out on the splitter in two of the first three.

Still, Tanaka (9 Innings Pitched, 2 Earned Runs, 7 H, 1 BB, 8 K) inexplicably didn't go with his signature pitch on the ball the Sox First Basemen hit into right field's first row, costing him the contest, as the Yanks' unsurprisingly didn't score off Koji Uehera in their last at-bat. 

That trend of not crossing home when it matters was recurring for Bombers in the loss, with them collecting just one run over 8 innings off Jon Lester.

That circling of the bases, not earned due to an error by Boston SS Stephen Drew, came in the bottom of the third, when Derek Jeter grounded out routinely to drive in Brian Roberts. 

Besides that, as you can see by the final score, the Pinstripes' bats just couldn't do anything, going 0-for-5 with men on second and third while also grounding into a rally-killing double play in the bottom of the eighth, wasting what looked like a very promising lead-off walk from Brett Gardner.


  1. A BAG OF...STUFF.
    Let's dump this bag on the floor, before I head off to work.

    @...Nice turn out last nite, at the Pinstripes. I guess that happens, sometimes.
    @...Tanaka: Will the lack of hitting, make him turn to Harakiri ? Or, Seppuko ?....suicide
    by disembowelment.
    I can see it in his eyes lately, as he is getting no support....." where did I put that samurai sword ?"

    @...Funny line re:7 / 11 Nachos the other night, by Daniel.
    If you think they are bad, try eating what Ken Reed lives on....Go-Go Taguitos & Corn Dog Rollers.
    I bet, a favorite of Jack Niemuth also. Washed down with a root beer Big Gulp.

    @...Inventory. I feel Daniels pain. Completed mine three weeks ago. I found myself looking
    for that samurai sword also.

    Seriously....this team needs a true hitter, and some rooster tweaking.....Salarte, are you there ?
    Or, all of us will soon be circling the drain.
    That's it, the bag is empty

  2. There are somethings they could do internally to make this team better.....

    They could put Solarte at 2nd for a while and see what he can do to get back on track!
    They could DFA Soriano!
    Bring up one or so of the young kids (big bat), an out fielder to work with Ichiro and one of the infielders to work at 1st!
    Move McCann back a spot and put Ellsbury at #1 and Brett at #2...Brett's the better bunter!
    And PLEASE move Jeter out of the DP spot, he has a history of hitting many more ground balls than fly balls! And why in the hell he didn't bunt in the 7th(?) with no outs and Brett on 1st is beyond me, well no it's not! The reason is obvious to anyone that has a brain!

  3. Boston is a good draw, even in a down season.

    Corn dog rollers, I remember those days when I was like 17 and all I wanted to do was be out and on the run and live out of gas stations, not necessarily the good ole days looking back on them. Glad they didn't last long.

    Inventory sucked this year because we had like 5-6 new ppl and I hate to babysit, you know?

    1. Inventory...oh yha, back in the good old days.
      Whenever I knew it was coming around, I would set-up maneuvers for my guys.


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