Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yankees Sign Mark Payton & Chris Gittens

The New York Yankees have signed seventh round pick Mark Payton out of Texas and 12th rounder Chris Gittens out of Grayson County College. Payton signed for $45K which is $133.3K below slot, most of that money will go to Austin DeCarr. Gittens signed for $125K so because Gittens was technically above slot, all players signed after the 10th round are slotted at $100K, the Yankees will need to find an extra $25K laying around.

Payton is a small guy with no power and all speed and defense and is nothing more than an organizational prospect at this point in his career. Gittens is a big guy with great numbers but his conditioning is constantly being brought up as a concern. Both should be fun to watch this season and next.

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