Sunday, August 10, 2014

The 2015 Infield Defense Would Shine w/ Rusney Castillo

If the New York Yankees were able to pull Rusney Castillo to the Bronx and plug him in at second base the Yankees could have a pretty stellar infield defense in 2015. Obviously a lot has to happen between then and now for that to happen but nothing too far out of the realm of possibility. Imagine this:

Mark Teixeira's Gold Glove award playing defense at first, young and fresh legs in Rusney Castillo at second base, Stephen Drew (or equivalent) at shortstop, and Chase Headley at third base. Not too many ground balls are getting through that infield. That opens up the designated hitter spot for Alex Rodriguez and still leaves plenty of money to acquire a starting pitcher.

This does create a bit of a logjam though with Martin Prado already signed up for 2015 and this also forces Carlos Beltran to be an outfielder for much of the season but manager Joe Girardi can make it work. The Yankees will get injured, the Yankees will need a day or two of rest from time to time, and Girardi would have so many options with Castillo in the fold the binder would explode. My only issue is that is blocks Robert Refsnyder at second base and may force him to learn yet another new position.

Castillo's right handed lead off type bat would give the Yankees essentially three lead off hitters at the top of the lineup in Gardner, Castillo, and Ellsbury. That would create all kinds of headaches for teams if one or two of these guys were to get on base. If you think speed kills now imagine how much damage the Yankees could do with Castillo on the base paths.

It's a dream but at one point so was having Headley and Martin Prado. Plus I like being a dreamer.

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