Friday, October 17, 2014

Cashman: Girardi Talked to A-Rod About Playing First

It appears the Yankees really are serious about having Alex Rodriguez play first.

In a conference call team GM Brian Cashman had Friday, it was revealed that Manager Joe Girardi has talked to the veteran about the idea. Rodriguez, 39, is coming off a suspension that kept him out all of last season, and is a major question mark when it comes to his defensive abilities.  

"Joe Girardi conveyed to me he talked to him, briefly, about him getting some work at first base," Cashman told Newsday. "Joe had a conversation recently about that. How extensive that conversation was, I don't know, but he conveyed it to me." 

Cashman said that he thinks Rodriguez wants to start at third next season, but that he wants to have "protections" available in case he can't.

"I expect if you talk to Alex, he's going to push hard and compete hard and focus hard and expect to be the everyday guy at third," he said. "I just need to make sure I have the protections in place to provide alternatives.''

Among those possible alternatives are Chase Headley and Martin Prado, who were both traded to the Yankees in July. Headley, a current free agent, was used primarily at the corners, while Prado usually got his work in at second.



    Today we are graced with the presence of....TCF16.
    I don't know where he is from, but he speaks from the heart.
    Cowboy-up !.....TCF16.

    TCF16 • 8 hours ago

    " Is there a more beloved Yankee than ARod on the roster? I can't think of any.

    He's been on the team the longest, the only surviving player from the great Red Sox battles, and he has a true passion for winning. He's a gym rat, the hardest worker on the team, a great teammate, a good teacher, awesome with younger players and a student of the game.

    I see him working incredibly hard to become an amazing first baseman and he has the talent to do it.

    Hope he has a great winter and can't wait for spring training! Let's all pray for his health! " do the praying, I'll handle the candles ! Thanks.

  2. TCF actually speaks the truth. He is the longest tenured Yankee, the only Yankees player from the mid 2000's rivalry with the Red Sox, he does want to win, has a great work ethic in the gym, works hard, etc. Most beloved though? Is this kind of like the words infamous and famous? Am I behind on my dictionary reading and vocabulary homework? Or does beloved mean what I think it means?

  3. I can see fans respecting him, but loving no. The most beloved Yankee, in my opinion, is Tanaka since he apologized for getting hurt.

  4. TCF16...he made his point.

    Yes, his passion, and the ' beloved' thing, got him caught in seaweed. It happens.

    I'll ride with TCF16....he speaks for the majority.
    The Yanks are married to Alex for the next three years, or when it ends.
    So why not think positive, and lets rebuild this squad to really be the bombers.

    Not the inept false representation, presented last season.

  5. I think most of the fans that would have respected Alex lost all respect the second time around (PED's). Of course he will have his hardcore fans and he will have the hardcore fans of the team who root for anyone in the uniform, like myself, but the overall perception will not be good unless he comes out of the gates completely annihilating the ball.

    The good thing about New York is with production comes forgiveness and forgetfulness.


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