Sunday, March 22, 2015

TGP Daily Poll: CC Sabathia Takes the Next Step

CC Sabathia is set to make his second start of the spring on Sunday against Matt Harvey and the New York Yankees. Sabathia will take the next step to pitching in his 7th straight Opening Day with the Yankees by pitching at least 3 IP and allowing one run or less.

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  1. Our #5 starter must be Adam Warren, he has done everything to warrant the job and nothing to make one believe he can't do the job. He has the pitches and make-up, to help the Yankees as the #5 more so than in the BP. I like the C&C he has with his FB and the movement of his pitches and selection of when and where to use each. In other words, he is a Pitcher, not a thrower and he has shown his ability to be steady and effective without having the ups and downs some pitchers have from one game to the next!

    1. My only issue with that is the bullpen takes a hit if Warren leaves. If Bryan Mitchell takes the spot the Yankees are the better team in my opinion.

    2. You think so Daniel? I think I would rather have a good five or six inning pitcher every 5 days than a good BP pitcher every two or four days.
      We do have a few (more than a few) BP arms that could step up and take his place.

      Being honest, I don't think they can go wrong either way, but it is very hard for the kids to get a fair chance at the Starting Rotation and he is 27 years old. Put one of the younger guys in the BP.

    3. Warren isn't just a reliever though. He can pitch late in games and could even close if both Betances and Miller were off. That's not something just anyone can do in the Bronx.

      If we were talking about a Shawn Kelley type then he def needs to be in the rotation. But we're not.

    4. Ok, if you say so! My only problem with having him in that spot (and I did take that into account) is he will be pitching something like every 4th or 5th day. That is the M.O. for our long guys anyhow.
      Who would be your pick for number five? Baker, Chase, Rogers, or someone else?


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