Friday, May 15, 2015

A Rod Will Only Play Defense in Emergencies

I thought it was a little weird on Wednesday night when I saw the lineup for the game between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays and I saw that Stephen Drew was playing third base. My initial thought was Alex Rodriguez must be getting the day off and Chase Headley must be the DH but I was surprised when I saw that Rodriguez was the DH and Headley was off. My second thought was that Pirela has experience at third base in the minor leagues while Drew does not but then I remembered what binder I was dealing with and put the thought immediately out of my head. The whole scenario was a little weird to me and today we received some clarification as to why it happened, Rodriguez has been delegated to a DH only by the New York Yankees.

Manager Joe Girardi did say he preferred to use A Rod as a DH only but we all know how quickly that could change in the case of an injury or an emergency but this screams the Jorge Posada treatment that we saw in 2011, minus the whole batting him 9th thing and A Rod throwing a temper tantrum, taking his ball and going home thing. Girardi’s mindset is that keeping Rodriguez out of the field will keep him healthy and fresh at the plate and honestly with a guy who basically took two years off from the game and is creeping up on 40 years old it is hard to argue against that.

If making Rodriguez a full-time DH helps the team then Alex is all for it and so am I. Rodriguez is not 25 years old anymore and his hamstring problems have shown that so anything to keep him healthy for the regular season and potentially beyond is a good thing for all parties involved. 

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