Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Plan to Fix the Yankees

The New York Yankees are going down and it seems like no one can save them right now, no one but me of course. I have a plan and while the plan may be a bit radical and probably only realistic on 25 Major League Baseball teams this season, and one of them not being the Yankees, it is a plan and if it's allowed to see fruition it can work.

First and foremost Jacoby Ellsbury is on the disabled list with Slade Heathcott taking his spot on the 25 man roster. I say he's taking his 25 man roster spot and not his position because manager Joe Girardi has continued to throw Chris Young out there despite hovering around the Stephen Drew line since his hot start in April. Plug Heathcott into the center field position and let him hit at the top of the order. His speed, base running and ability to take walks will leave more runners on base when the Mark Teixeira's and Alex Rodriguez's come up to the plate which can never be a bad thing. Get back to speed kills and away from speed killing an inning.

Speaking of Drew, he sucks. Pretend his name is Brian Roberts and designate him for assignment for another rookie. Pretend that Robert Refsnyder's name is Yangervis Solarte, hell pretend it's Stephen Drew just do what you have to do to get the kid up. Drew's defense is not stellar and neither is his back up's Jose Pirela. What do you really lose with Refsnyder at second base? Nothing, but the gains with the bat and with the offense cannot hurt a team struggling offensively right now.

Use Jacob Lindgren. Lindgren was closing at Triple-A and dominating the upper levels of the minor leagues since he was drafted last June. David Carpenter sucks and he doesn't have the rust and lack of use excuse anymore. Chasen Shreve has been better than Justin Wilson and both have been used completely wrong thus far this season. Adam Warren would head back to the bullpen with Ivan Nova and Masahiro Tanaka's return to the rotation with Chris Capuano joining Drew on the "I SUCK" pity party parade. With this rotation and this bullpen the team turns the games into six inning contest and take an immense amount of pressure off the offense.

I know this won't happen because the Yankees flat out refuse to rely on their farm system or rookies but it should. Use Heathcott, use Lindgren, use Shreve more effectively, call up Refsnyder, dump Drew and dump Capuano. Make the playoffs, win the World Series. Canyon of Heroes.


  1. DANIEL....I can read between the lines, and feel your angst.
    Sign me up, along with a growing majority........who feel as you. There are so many.
    Will catch up with you guys....shortly. Work.

    **** A MISSED SALUTE TO KENNETH REED...Re: Memorial Day, and your service.
    We most likely passed each other during those 66-70 years.
    Stay well...Stay strong.........I salute you.

  2. I salute you also Patrick, I was long gone to other parts of the world in those years. I was in country from 1961+ until 1965, you had the bad times...too many troops, regulations and restrictions from 1966 on out!
    Have a cold one for my 67 will you!

  3. Daniel, I think we all agree with you but, the only one that counts is Hal.

  4. Well I salute you both. If it were not for you I could not rant and rave here and people actually give a damn. If it were not for the troops we would have a lot more to worry about than Stephen Drew batting average, and for that I am eternally grateful

  5. DANIEL...........I must do this.
    Thank you for the kind words re: Kenneth, and myself.
    I'll take the liberty to speak for Kenneth, and then myself....Thank you, but not necessary.

    1. Not necessary is the right wording, Patrick!
      I had so much fun back in the day, just laying around in the sun getting skin cancer, in places to anonymous to name. Every so often going out for a walkabout with a bunch of guys. What more could one ask for in this life?
      Anyhow, thanks, Daniel, very much appreciated and as Patrick said, "not necessary" at all.


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