Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nuggets From Rob Manfred’s Press Conference

Rob Manfred met with the media and the Baseball Writers Association of American for a little question and answer session before last night’s 86th annual All-Star Game in Cincinnati and more than a few interesting nuggets came of the session.

  • First and foremost the most asked question was whether Manfred would reinstate Pete Rose from the permanently ineligible list and Manfred confirmed that no meeting had happened or is planned at this time regarding Rose and his reinstatement application. Manfred wants to first fully go over all the evidence from the 1989 investigation and all the information that has come to light since before meeting and making a decision.

  • No change to address the safety of the fans at ball parks and potentially adding nets to protect the fans have been discussed at this time. MLB plans to meet to address these concerns but no changes, if any, will be implemented before 2016. Around that same time the Commissioner’s domestic abuse policy should be finalized and ready to roll out as well.

  • Teams will not have medical information released about players before the MLB Draft. The fans aren’t likely to see any postseason expansion in MLB any time soon either according to Manfred. Manfred is, however, open to expanding MLB at some point in the future if the opportunity presented itself and mentioned bringing a team like the Montreal Expos back to Canada in specific.

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