Monday, January 11, 2016

Joe Girardi Confirms What We Already Knew

Joe Girardi confirmed that Aroldis Chapman will be the Yankees closer in 2016. Basically what the Yankees manager is saying is the sky is still blue, the grass is still green and I'm still not going to win the Powerball on Wednesday. We all knew Chapman was going to be the closer, it was basically announced weeks ago when Andrew Miller told the media he was willing to pitch the 7th or 8th. Anyway the news is slow so people are latching onto this so I felt compelled to post it. Enjoy?


    No one is more understanding, and thoughtful, than patrick. So says my
    child bride.
    I bring to you on a olive branch....A five step program on how to
    develop a thicker skin. Some say yours is a bit thin. Very thin.

    Lesson One: Dealing with criticism.

    1) Think before reacting.
    2) Separate criticism from insult.
    3) See if you have room for improvement.
    4) Look at the big picture. Hans, having a perspective will help you
    from getting too emotional.
    5) Resolve to make it (my comments?)...into something positive.

    You seem to be rolling along doing fine, and then you go off the rails.
    Part of me says it's your schtick, but if it is not...take what I offer as a gesture of friendship.

    I thought about stating that #6 was...."Spend some time in Creedmoor", but
    you may not be ready for that.
    Take care.

  2. HANS....No one can tell me, that you do not keep up to date on the
    comments section.

    Tossed you a life ring last night, with a lesson plan attached to it.
    I'm sure you don't need the plan, but at the time it was useful.
    Look about eight comments back.

    What do you think ? I think we can work well together. Don't sit
    there in Newark, and stew. Cowboy-up, and lets move on.

    You have a lot to offer, just as all the rest of us.

  3. HEADS-UP :..Check out the Yankees Hot Stove Show from last night.
    Great insight from manager Joe. He loves the Hicks trade.

    I find this weekly / bi-weekly show offers a vault of information,
    and facts.

  4. It has been writen by some of the reporters that and idea has poped up.
    Have Castro as back-up to 3rd and SS, this would open a spot for Refsy to play 2nd when they need a right handed line-up. I don't really like that way of going about getting Refsy into the 25 man to sit most of the time.
    I would rather have him play 2nd base and have Castro play 3rd base, IF headely can't get his bat working.

  5. KENNETH : Good evening.
    Have done my homework, and readings re: Refsnyder. I think he is
    totally blocked, and will soon be traded in some form
    of package. I like the bat, but the consensus is he falls off after
    that. Many valid points regarding his poor arm strength, and fielding.
    Mostly not so good.
    The reawakening of Dustin Ackley, and he may of been a steal, drives
    the nail into Refsnyder's coffin. Sorry.

    1. I have no idea where you got the idea he has a weak arm, he was a right fielder. As a guy that started playing 2nd base a year ago +/- he did ok...not great but, ok. This year he will be better. Hell, some forget the great Jeter averaged 20 errors a year.
      Word is, Castro will backup SS and 3rd base.
      Refsy may be traded, for sure, he wishes they would, because Mateo is going to workout at 2nd base and IF everything works out well he could be at 2nd base with the Yankees in the next few years.

    2. Get the idea from the Yankees drafting a right fielder from Arizona and immediately moving him to second base. When the team is asked why they respond in not so many words that it's due to concerns about his arm strength in RF in the majors. Straight from the horses mouth and straight from someone who knows a lot more about him than I.

    3. I would really really like to at least give it a thought! At the least. To me, how can it hurt? But whatever.

      With the way things are shaping up [trading away 3rd base prospects like its nothing), my guess is we go hard on manny machado, who will only be 26 when he's supposed to hit the market. That will be right as Headley comes off the payroll.

      Kind of a gamble, but I have no other rationality. Like Ken Hans would say, why can't we draft and develop a comparable player? I guess the next best option would be (trading for him), but then signing as free agent before he's 30.

    4. I would love to have Machado at 3rd base. We also have a couple of SS that will outgrow SS and have to move to...3rd base?
      Refsy is about done because they are working Mateo out at 2nd base with the idea that he and Didi would be a very good combination for a few years.

      In one/two years we may see this; Castro@3rd, Mateo@ 2nd, Bird@1st, Didi @SS, Sanchez@C, Judge@RF, Hicks@CF, FA/Trade for a power bat@LF.
      Pitching Starters; Severino, Eovaldi, Tank/Pineda, Acevedo, Lail, Kaprielian, Clarkin and Coshow. In no specific order! BP; Betances, Miller, Mitchell, Lindgren, Pinder, Rumbelow. Campos, Coshow and Ace may end up in the BP but they could be starters...who knows?

    5. Daniel...
      Refsy has a weak arm for right field in the majors but ok for 2nd least, that is the opinion of a few people. As you said, they know more than we do! It looked like his arm was ok to me, how about you.
      Anyhow, I forgot McCann in the above comment, he could be Catcher, 1st base and DH.

      Don't snicker could very well be in the plans right now (the comment above)...maybe I drank too much Rootbeer! lol

    6. Ken, I'd like to borrow a sliver of your optimism. and that's talking beyond baseball.

    7. Sure Daryl, have at it, I have enough for everyone.
      Welcome to the site and have fun.
      I don't have the time to be a pessimist and as I haven't gotten around to see many of these guys pitch for more than one outing. I am extrapolating on many scouting reports. What else is there to do?
      Many of these guys are said to be a year or so away but they are kicking butt where they are, right!

    8. Daryl = Spade... correct?

      Also Machado at third base would be an absolute Godsend. Yes. Please.

      By the way in case you missed it Brian Cashman basically shot down ANY chance of Refsnyder learning third base... so there's that.

    9. I'll by that too, Daniel. He has 32 teams that may want him and I hope they get him, he has a good bat and can play 2nd base...not 3rd at all.

    10. You got it. Spade must have been linked to my gmail a decade ago. Just found out how to change it lol

  6. AMERICA, and Baseball...the same ? Please let me speak.

    Five dead in Benghazi, and no one knows nothing.

    The country is more divided than ever, and it's law enforcement's fault.
    Go have a beer at the White House. That will solve everything.

    I go to the market, and I think I'm in Montego Bay, or Mexico City.
    Now I have lunatics that want to blow my family up, because I think
    not as they do. The religion of peace.

    And this guy in the White house, do to his skin color, says we must
    understand, and love one another.
    That's all fine, until some lost soul straps on a bomb vest, and
    dives into his family car screaming...allahu akbar.

    And...then it will be the racist white citizens fault....again.
    My side arm arrived today.

    1. Both of mine are primed and ready, Patrick! You do know you are a white racist red neck bible toting Irishman, don't you? lol
      Have a good day Patrick!

    2. As bad as it is here I can't think of many places I'd rather be. Paris has terrorist attacks just like much of the world. Although Germany looks better and better by the day, Switzerland and Sweden too. Although I am partial to the Swiss, I do drive a Volvo.

    3. Been there done that trip, Army paid for it.

      My wife drives a Cadillac Escalade me I only have a Truck...with a gun rack!

    4. Daniel I feel the same way and proved it many times over, as bad as it was back in the great depression, this little hick-up is nothing to what that one was, W.P.A., soup lines, I could go on and on.

    5. Cadillac Escalade? Wow. Someone didn't need to win the powerball last night :P

    6. In my 40+ years of work I did a lot of freelance work...the pay was good! Just think, from the Kitchen to the right side of the tracks...not bad for a kid they called "Kitchen Trash"!
      One has to LOVE this Country!


    Daniel, when Kenneth, and I, voice our opinions re: this
    is because we are older than you, no better.
    We served this country, without being asked to, and remember
    what it was like here before you were born.
    America had it's warts, but it was magnificent. Political correctness is the strangle root of our times.

    You are no different than myself. I'm no better. Just a different life calendar.

    What is going on in our nation would never, ever of been allowed
    40-50 years ago. Ronald Reagan would have blown those Iranian warships
    out of the water yesterday. And those that killed our heroes in Benghazi
    would of been lawn fertilizer that evening.

    From 9/11, to Fort Hood, to Boston, to Paris, to San Bernardino,
    to Naval sailors kneeling at gun point yesterday....
    This would never of been allowed to happen.

    Ken knows, I do not have to ask.
    On a cold, windy Jan. 13 night, I veered off talking baseball again. Sorry.

    1. Sounds like the country needs Donald Trump then?

    2. Trump or Ted C, I'd be happy with either one!


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