Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Yankees Prospects Night Open Thread featuring Juan De Leon

Juan De Leon was one of the Yankees top targets from their 2014 international free agent spending spree. De Leon signed a deal worth $2 million and will bring his big bat and right field arm into the organization for the foreseeable future. The above video is some batting practice and live-game at bats from various Instructional leagues and such with the team. Enjoy the rest of your evening. 


  1. JUAN DeLEON...first off, did every body who used to post, die here ?

    DeLeon, was trained by a guy named Raul Valera. Who is known as.....
    ....'Banana' in the Dominican. Not celery, nor garlic, but banana.

    John Holmes, back in the day, packed a banana. Gigantic.

    So what goes on here ? DeLeon batted .226 last year. Where was the banana ?
    What was the banana doing ? Drinking Budweiser's with Hans & Levin ?
    Most likely.

  2. You have to be patient with these young imports. They are signed as 16 and 18 year old due to project ability and not so much talent. Yet.

    First two years are usually chalked up as a loss anyway with the adjustment factor and such. These players do things a certain way and do it well enough to catch the attention of the team only for the team to change everything when they get over here.

    Oh and no I'm not dead.

    1. Either am I, even though I think that's what he is after...I mean he keeps asking us to join him at the Poler Bare Dunk & Freeze. Hell, I freeze at 60 degrees.

    2. haha. heart still beating. Bird's surgery definitely put a dager through it though!

      i still check in daily.

    3. There was a shock to it, and imagine pins hitting your body everywhere all at once. Definitely lose your breath for a minute.

      But mine was pretty quick, and you're fine when you get a towel on. The feet though, that was the worst part.

      And another 4-8 inches expected, except the weather folks are pretty useless.

      Patrick, South Beach would be significantly better.

  3. You're more of a man than I am Daryl. That's all I can say.


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