Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Twitter Poll: Time to Evolve Eovaldi into the Bullpen?

When I awoke on Monday morning I checked my phone like I do every morning and I found a very interesting comment on the blog. A commenter by the name of Donnie Passmore commented on the game thread from Sunday afternoon that the Yankees needed to move Nathan Eovaldi from the starting rotation to the bullpen to give the Yankees a fourth reliever that can throw 100 MPH on the mound. Now I have my own opinion on the matter which I will share with you later but I found the idea to be an interesting one and one worth discussing with you, our readers, our fans and our friends. In response I put out this Twitter Poll for you to be heard. Should the Yankees move Eovaldi to the bullpen or should they keep him as a starter? Why or why not?

To be involved in our next Twitter Poll give us a follow on Twitter, @GreedyStripes, and look out for the next Twitter Poll tweet from us. We have been a bit absent of late on Twitter and for that I personally apologize. Between the Yankees losing and the usual hate and “sky is falling” mentality that comes along with that we have also been bombarded with political debate and hate and we decided to take a step back from it all. Twitter was what the Republican debates used to be before Donald Trump won the nomination, it had nothing to do with what was going on and what mattered and all about what you could say to bring the other person down a notch or two. I’m not all about that and that’s not why I got into blogging, Twitter Polls like this is why. So enjoy and if we didn’t catch you on this Twitter Poll we’ll try to catch you on the next one. Enjoy the day and look out for my take later.


  1. If Eovaldi goes to the pen who takes his place in the rotation? That should be your twitter poll

  2. Chad Green or Luis Severino. I'm not convinced the Severino we saw for two-three months is the Severino we will see going forward. Lot more sample size of him being great than mediocre/terrible.

    1. Either one is alright with me, even though, Luis has a much better upside!
      Evo is a BP pitcher without another pitch! With his Fastball, I would teach him a change-up as it is one of the easier pitches to learn and throw. I dislike the slider...hang it and it goes a very long way.

  3. I don't think it's time to turn Eovaldi into a reliever. Not only for the reason The Reverse Trump pointed out in his tweet, but because he's still young. There's still time to salvage him. And there's natural talent that can possibly be molded.

    Furthermore, you have to think about the future. Sabathia is gone after next season, Tanaka can opt-out after next season, Pineda is a FA after next season, Nova is gone after this season. Severino will hopefully come back and be a top starter like most believe he can. Kaprielian will hopefully get over his injury and be able to help the big club sometime next season. Is Chad Green part of the solution for the rotation, or is this season at AAA an anomaly (he had a 3.93 ERA in AA last year).

    If the Yankees can fix Nathan, by adding a changeup like Reed said or whatever, then they HAVE to try. Otherwise the future of the rotation is very much a question mark.

    1. Well thought out reasoning Bryan!
      We do have one or two other guys that may become starters next year...Aceevedo, Coshow, Ty Hensley and Campos are a few of them, depending on their overall health.
      Evo improved a lot from last year to this year and given ONE more good useable pitch he could become a front line pitcher...he needs someone to teach him how to make one of his pitches his out pitch. He wouldn't have a 100 pitch count by the 6th inning if he had an out pitch.

    2. I agree and said as much in my post (not this one).

      You have to give a guy like Eovaldi every chance to fail until he forces your hand to make the move. It's a terrible comparison as Dellin was young and out of minor league options but the need to move Betances to the bullpen because he wasn't cutting it as a starter is what comes to mind immediately.

      Problem is Eovaldi is a free agent after next season. The move needs to be made, if it's ever made and I'm not saying that it should be or shouldn't be, this season or very VERY early next season. Not later.


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