Friday, July 1, 2016

2016 Yankees Post-Draft Top 10 Prospects List

The New York Yankees have officially signed all of their Top 10 prospects from the 2016 MLB First year Players Draft. Can any of these ten crack the Yankees Top 10 post-draft prospects list here on the blog? Well let’s find out.

1.       Jorge Mateo
2.       Gary Sanchez
3.       Aaron Judge
4.       James Kaprielian
5.       Dustin Fowler
6.       Ian Clarkin
7.       Wilkerman Garcia
8.       Miguel Andujar
9.       Rob Refsnyder (for now)
10.   Blake Rutherford

Rob Refsnyder will likely graduate from prospect status at some point this season which is why I specified the “for now” in my rankings. Bryan Mitchell and Jacob Lindgren saw injuries derail their chances at the Top 10 while the top five or six seem to be common on any prospect list you see. Some have Tyler Wade ranked pretty highly but we all know by now how I feel about him. His no bat, all defense and no power talent skill doesn’t excite me like it does others, no disrespect intended.

And we finish with Rutherford 10th. Now I don’t feel like the nine guys in front of him will be any better than Rutherford but he is so far away, he’s starting his career in the GCL with the GCL Yankees, which means he has some earning and work to do before he climbs any higher.

That’s my list. What’s yours?

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  1. I still like "Ace" as a starter IF he comes up with another useable pitch, (slider?) to go with his change-up...if not we have another 100mph BP arm.

    1. Jorge Mateo
    2. Aaron Judge
    3. Gary Sanchez
    4. James Kaprielian
    5. Wilkerman Garcia
    6. Ian Clarkin
    7. Dustin Fowler
    8. "Ace" Acevedo
    9. Miguel Andujar
    10. Drew Finly


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