Thursday, January 5, 2017

Youth Movement is great, but...

When is there too much youth?…

The Yankees continue to be linked to the Chicago White and their latest ace-in-waiting Jose Quintana but like many, I do not expect, nor want, the Yankees to give up the top prospects it would take to bring him back to New York. At the risk of being a “prospect-hugger”, I want to see Clint Frazier, Gleyber Torres, James Kaprielian and the other top young talent succeed in the Bronx.

Credit: Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY Sports

Without getting into the analytics for why the Yankees should or should not pursue a particular pitcher, I think the best move would be to sign one of the remaining free agent pitchers (why not roll the dice, it’s only money). Or perhaps GM Brian Cashman should focus on an ‘under the radar’ trade for an arm with potential that doesn’t carry the current media focus like Quintana.

Of the remaining free agents, I would pursue either Jason Hammel or Doug Fister. Neither pitcher is flashy and both slot in at the back end of the rotation but are capable of delivering 10+ wins, which, for a #4 or #5 starter, is not bad. Fister has been the model of mediocrity for a couple of seasons and Hammel benefited from being part of a World Series caliber staff to garner his highest career victory total last year. For the back end, I want starters who can keep the team in games. Watching Luis Severino go winless in his starts last year was simply brutal. I’d easily take the dependablity and reliability of Hammel or Fister over another ‘0-fer’ performance by Sevy. 

If Severino shows in spring training that he is capable of making the necessary adjustments and can be the 2015 starter version again versus the 2016 bullpen-only guy, great, put him in the rotation. But that’s not a bet I’d take in Vegas. 

I want to limit the ‘see if they can grow into the role’ opportunities in the rotation to no more than one. The certainties in the rotation are Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Pineda and CC Sabathia. After that, it is a plethora of young arms. I’d prefer to see Luis Cessa succeed because I admire his attitude on the mound. But the stress is much greater if we have to rely upon Cessa AND Severino, Chad Green, Bryan Mitchell or Adam Warren without a strong backup plan.

If Pineda continues to struggle or if Sabathia gets hurt or further regresses, the rotation will collapse if they have to be carried by unproven prospects. I want nothing more than to see Jordan Montgomery, Dietrich Enns, Chance Adams, and Justus Sheffield get their chances. I also think Albert Albreu was a great addition. But none of those quality arms will be ready in April 2017.

It is imperative for the Yankees to bring stabilization to the rotation. If healthy, Hammel or Fister would help provide it. What is the risk in bringing in a proven veteran to compete with the kids?…


  1. Love the above post...'Youth movement is great, but...'
    A new name to me, Fid, stole my thunder tonight. Only he did it better !
    Fid...Allow me to be the first to welcome you to Greedy Pinstripes.
    The site is an unfound jewel who's day will come. Our ringmaster
    Daniel, feels that in his heart, and so do all of our commenters here.
    Fid...again, welcome to our carnival. The others, when they return
    from the break, will entertain, and confuse you.

    My Jose Quitana essay tonight was going to be the awful cost
    of young talent needed to obtain him.
    But Mr. Fid painted a clearer picture.

  2. I don't want to be negative here, but if the Yankees are going anywhere next year, it's because we're out slugging our opponents. It's possible with Sanchez/Bird/Judge hitting in the middle of the order. They all have 30/100 potential. I like the idea of adding Quintana. Tanaka/Quintana at the top of the rotation looks a hell of a lot better than Tanaka/Pineda. I'm just not excited about the price. But, it is what it is. I would trade Frazier, Severino, and Mateo for an established front of the rotation starter. That's the price.

  3. I am one of the biggest, if not the biggest “prospect-hugger” on this or any site around. But, for the right pitcher, I would trade a few prospects but only one would be of the top 10. Two or more is too much, to give up for any pitcher.
    What is the sense of having a great pitcher if we can't produce enough runs and defence to let him win games? As I have not seen a 15 game winner that can and does go 7 innings (avg) a game. I wouldn't trade for anyone out there (right now) at the price they want.

  4. Mr. Fid, I would be remiss if I didn't welcome you to the site, so, consider it done!
    Great post, and writing skills are always welcome here...Daniel sure needs the help so he can stay fresh!
    With you and Bryan helping Daniel we should have one hell of a good site for those that like great writing of and about the team.


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