Wednesday, October 11, 2017

So it Seems… Win, Lose or Draw Tonight the Yankees Had a Hell of a 2017 Season

Good morning everyone and welcome to “Do-or-Die Wednesday” here amongst our Yankees family. I said it a few weeks back and I stand by it this morning, I am not afraid of the Cleveland Indians here in the 2017 postseason and it doesn’t seem like these Yankees are either. This team is an entirely different team on the road as they are at home but they are also a young, aggressive, feisty and ignorant team that doesn’t know when to quit or to lay down because the odds tell them that they should. That’s scary, especially in a one-game playoff with all hands on deck for New York.

Whether the Yankees win, lose or get rained out tonight the team has done a hell of a job here in 2017 and I applaud them for it. Kudos to everyone, from Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman all the way down to the equipment manager and the attendants working inside Yankee Stadium. It took a village to get here and the Yankees village has been superb here this season. It’s been fun and exciting to watch and I can only hope to keep watching as the Yankees beat the Indians, making me look like the biggest genius in the process mind you, and head to the ALCS.

And I especially love watching all these games lying in bed or sitting in the gazebo outside beside you my love. I love you and I am so happy, blessed and completely ruined in every sense of the word since I found you. Thank you. I LOVES YOU. Hey you.

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