Thursday, August 30, 2018

This Day In New York Yankees History 8/30: A Rod Hits 40 Home Runs

The New York Yankees are also well known as the Bronx Bombers but in their long storied history they have only had two right handed batters that have ever hit 40 home runs in a single season, Joe DiMaggio and Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez joined DiMaggio, who hit 46 home runs in 1937, on this day in 2005.

Also on this day in 1961 a computer named Casey was used to predict the chances that Yankees outfielder Roger Maris would surpass Babe Ruth's single season home run record of 60 within 154 games. The IBM 1481 predicted that Maris had a 55% chance of hitting 61 home runs in 154 games to establish the new mark for home runs but ultimately Maris hit his 61st home run in the Yankees 161st game of the season.

Finally on this day in 1939 the Yankees Atley Donald throws a recorded 94.7 MPH pitch to establish a new record for the fastest fastball in Major League Baseball history. Donald would also win 12 straight games that year to set an AL record for most consecutive victories by a rookie starting pitcher.


  1. Fix that title! Maybe to A-Rod hits 40th homerun on 8/30?

    It's implied that he hit 40 homeruns on 8/30.

    You're welcome

    1. I would change it had you gone about your suggestion a little different, because my intent was definitely not to confuse or relay false information.

      Then again, though, it is always suggested to actually read the article rather than just read the post title and respond.

    2. Sorry your thin skinned!.

      I did read the article, still didn't read where A-Rod got 40 homeruns on 8/30 as your title reads? Maybe I'm too thick?

    3. I'm far from thin skinned, I assure you. Just think you get what you put in. You come at me with respect and you get all the respect in the world... You come at me with a chip on your shoulder, you get one back. "You're welcome"

    4. Confirmed. Thin skinned. I gave constructive input and you can't let it go!!!

      If that's not thin.... I won't be responding further, you can't handle it. 😪

    5. Thin skinned, a subjective opinion I guess. I guess responding on a comments board, the sole purpose of a comments board, now makes you thin skinned... yet here you are. Your comment didn't bother me, just wishing you worded it without the chip on your shoulder is all. If putting respect for others above most everything else makes me thin skinned, I am okay with that.


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