Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gerardo Concepcion "Close To Signing"

But will he be a Yankee?

According to MLB Trade Rumors International Free Agent Gerardo Concepcion is close to signing with a team, one of the 10 that are interested. Here is the write up:

Cuban left-hander Gerardo Concepcion, an 18-year-old free agent, is very close to signing with a team, according to Enrique Rojas of (story is in Spanish).Concepcion's agent, Jaime Torres, tells Rojas that the lefty has offers from as many as 10 teams and could sign as soon as this weekend. Earlier this week, Torres said the Rangers, Yankees, Cubs and White Sox have expressed the most interest in Concepcion so far.The Cuban defector recently established residency in Mexico and was declared eligible for free agency thereafter.

Concepcion is a "finesse" type pitcher  that seems to be far above his age when it comes to maturity and how he is developing. I say the Yankees should go all out for this guy, especially since he would be one of the last IFA's to sign under the OLD Collective Bargaining Agreement. Sign him Cash.

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