Sunday, February 12, 2012

If AJ Burnett Is Traded...

Who Is Gonna Throw The Pie?

The Yankees want Garrett Jones, the Pirates will not give up Garrett Jones. The Yankees want to only pay half of his remaining $33 million, the Pirates only want to pay $10 million of it. The Yankees are ok with a prospect in return, so are the Pirates. Yeah Yeah Yeah, what I am more concerned with is who is gonna throw the pie at our players after walk off wins? Lets look at the possible replacements.

You can automatically knock out Russell Martin, Mark Teixeira, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Brett Gardner, and Curtis Granderson in my eyes out of the starting 9. I do not see CC Sabathia involved, nor do I see Hiroki Kuroda, Michael Pineda, Phil Hughes, or Freddy Garcia. I do not see anyone in the bullpen or on the bench either so the field has narrowed.

Robinson Cano

Ivan Nova

Nick Swisher

These three men are our ONLY hope for survival in the walk off pie celebrations. Robinson Cano seems like a guy that likes to have fun and such but he is too calm and too busy hitting home runs and playing "worse" defense then Dustin Pedroia. I guess we can pencil him out of the running. Ivan Nova seems like a great club house guy but he seems too respectful. He is always the first at the top of the steps to meet and greet and Yankee and give them an "atta boy" when they are coming off the field. Ivan Nova seems too respectful to be the pie man. Thus leaving Nick Swisher, which is why I chose him getting hit with the pie instead of anyone else in the picture above. Nick Swisher, no pressure, but you are our only hope to keep this alive... get it done. Yankees fans, hold this moment close to your heart because we will NEVER see it again..

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