Sunday, July 6, 2014

Reaction to the Yankees Trading Nuno for McCarthy

Since the first whispers of this year's trading season, it's been pretty much guaranteed that the Yankees were going to get somebody.

First off, they were pursuing Jeff Samardzija, followed later by names such as David Price and Jason Hammel.

While those guys are obviously appealing, it seemed blatant from the beginning they weren't actually going to end up in Pinstripes, something that appeared to become official today, as the Yanks sent Vidal Nuno to Arizona in exchange for the struggling Brandon McCarthy.

McCarthy, a 30-year-old veteran who has previously played in the AL with the White Sox, Rangers, and A's, has gone just 3-10 with a 5.01 ERA so far in 2014, making the fact that Yanks wanted him a little strange.

In his career, McCarthy has also spent a lot of time being injured, again causing him to look less-than-favorable. 

Add the fact that Nuno's been pretty good in his last two starts and you have a perfect formula for a letdown, as the Bombers don't really get any better with this deal.

Sure, you could say that the AL East is easier to pitch in than the NL West, although that argument still appears flawed when you consider the former's ability to hit home runs, a skill that can be deadly when playing at Yankee Stadium.


    What has happened today, is starting to wipe the blackboard. But, they missed some spots.

    I'm with Rocket Reed...time to inject youth. And still move forward.

    I love Brian Roberts, but he can be moved to a contender. Giving Jose Pirela, or Salarte, a
    shot at second base / and Soriano's spot. They are young, and hungry.

    The pitching will be our salvation. The chips are there, including Gardner ( sorry, Rocket ) to pry
    away someone's young top talent.
    The run of the mill available talent, is awful. They will improve nothing, but waste young chips.

    Brian Cashman..take a deep breath. Look at your chips, and think out of the box.
    Be Bold, Creative, Daring, and Imaginative.
    Gardner, Sanchez, and another arm, or two.....will not open conversations ? Gardner, keys this.

    Use those chips, toward an educated thought. Or, do not pretend to fool us.....again. ( ie : 2013 )

    1. Some thoughts I picked up from another place...same thoughts as I have;
      Angels need a closer we need 2nd baseman, Texas needs a catcher we need a SS. Braves need everything we have a few to give up whose name isn't Brett or Jacoby.
      1. Gary Sanchez, JR or Cisco for SS Luis Sardinas or the Braves SS Jose Peraza.
      2. D-Rob or Warren to the Angels for Alex Yarbrough.
      3. KC has an interesting SS Orlando Calixte only 18.

      The problem, as I see it is, All are AAA, AA (16 to 25 years old) players and we give up players that are about Major League ready?!.

  2. I think ultimately the plan is to keep Billings up for a few days to keep everyone else fresh and then DFA him like we have 119 other guys this season in the pen. Then we have a free 40 man and 25 man roster spot that will likely go to a Jose Pirela, Adonis Garcia, or someone else with us simply calling up Zoilo Almonte. Almonte is a lefty that doesn't hit left handers so I am not so sure he would be the wisest to call up with Ichiro still on the team but we must remember who we are dealing with here...

  3. Trading D Rob or Warren? Rocket, you had too many to drink tonight and the fireworks must still be going off in your head. Gary Sanchez for Sardinas or Peraza? I think we have a better shot, and are a better team, if we traded for Javier Baez of the Cubs if you want to go that route. Blocked both by Addison Russell and Starlin Castro.

    I can't agree with giving up major league ready talent for guys we have to wait on... we'd be in the same situation were in now and have been for the last few years.. waiting and overpaying for old talent.

    1. Daniel, my good man...first off, I don't drink, never have!
      2nd, I was looking for teams that need what we have and projecting us as being out of contention for this year.
      Texas needs a catcher (Gary Sanchez) we need a SS! Luis Sardinas, may not be the best SS (no power, good speed), but the Cubs would want more, much more in any trade. I would like to get Baez but, can we make a trade that is fair, with the Cubs?
      What about Jose Peraza 20 year old SS with the Braves?
      D-Rob should bring us a very good young SS or 2nd baseman which is what we do need. We have a closer and 8th inning guy without D-Rob...but, whomever we would get had better be one of the better guys out there!
      What the hell, just throwing sh-t at the wall and seeing what slides down...we do know what that will be! LOL

  4. The Cubs really don't have much bargaining power between Castro, Russell, Baez, and Alcantara. You're already likely to move Russell to second base since Castro has him blocked and they will be forced to trade Darwin Barney. Baez doesn't have the arm for third base in my opinion so either he or Alcantara (likely both) have to be traded.

    It may take a Luis Severino to land Baez because the Cubs have needs everywhere. Peraza is blocked by Andrelton Simmons so he could probably be had, especially with La Stella at second and Chris Johnson at 3B. Plus they have Ramiro Pena as a very suitable bench option. I just want a guy who is ready to step in at the beginning of 2015 no questions asked. That's more Baez than anyone, especially Sardinas and Peraza.

    D Rob is a half season rental at this point with no qualifying offer to be offered (if traded) but I still hate to lose him THIS season. We are still going to try and win this season, no?

    1. There are many reasons to trade almost anyone...D-Rob wouldn't be my choice for this year or any year but, what is better to have for him? A high draft choice or a very much needed 2nd baseman or SS. I think we could use a good young ready for prime time middle infielder...I don't want one that is ok, I want a very good player in return.
      I don't think I want to let Luis Severino or that lefty Caulkin (is that right?) go much talent in those two guys!
      Again, just throwing things out there with no express answer to them, or for them I guess is the right way to put it! the word of the day around Yankee land.

    2. Shane Greene looks great. Wonder how long before he's traded. A week. Two weeks?

    Rocket may not drink, ever.....but I do. I've got a Coors Light, on my starboard side, as I type.
    I think you guys are going off track. The Yanks need pitching. They may be able to steal this
    thing if they can pull something off.
    Young infield help is of no use. It's a pitcher they need. Brian Cashman was interviewed today,
    and he said the Yankees almost got those two Chicago pitchers. I'll see if any names were
    mentioned, as trade chips. That would have been a great jump start.

    I think in house youth will be added, but we have no in house pitching.
    The Yankees are not going to scuttle this season.....Jeter's season. for a Shirley Temple ?

    1. I have a post scheduled for Wednesday that details a plan to get enough pitching for us to un-seat the Oakland A's as the best team in the American League in one deal. It probably won't happen but it might. Guess you'll have to wait until then, but it involves Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee.

    2. Patrick, nice of you to comment on our infighting. Daniel thinks he knows more than I do about our farm players! Don't tell him, but he does. Except for one player, that I have had the chance of see in person...Luis Severino.
      That kid is good; he has a 95+ fastball, change-up and a so, so slider maybe a bit better than that. Good C&C but could be better, and about ready for next year or September call-ups, this year!
      What good is pitching if we don't get runs for the guy on the mound? I would venture to say we have lost about half our games by not getting even 3 runs. We need both but, pitching without someone to knock in runs and play good defense is ridiculous as it is the other way around...don't you think?
      I will have a Pink Grapefruit drink, thank you very much! LOL

    3. Patrick come on, Jeters season? Last I heard, he was one of 25 players on a team called the New York Yankees.
      It isn't one guys season it is one TEAMS season, don't you think?
      It would be nice to have him go out with another ring, also, it would be great for the other players that have never had a chance to play in a WS, let alone win one.

    4. Severino ready this year or next? Maybe you're not drinking, you're smoking. Dude is AT LEAST two years away, He's in A-Ball.

    5. But, I bet you he will end the year in AA maybe even AAA. Next year if not coming north with the team, he will be one of the 1st call ups! The kid is good Daniel, very good! He needs to master the slider as a 3rd is ok now but, ok only works down on the farm.

    6. He would be lucky to finish the year in Trenton but it could happen. Triple-A? I have a better chance getting laid from a super model. Weirder things have happened.

  6. PINK GRAPEFRUIT DRINK ?...I would be dead by now if I drank that swill...Jesus !
    The man is from Hells Kitchen, and he drinks trans gender configurations ?

    Shane Greene, the next Guidry? Teach him the cutter !
    Are Greene's pitch speeds correct on the TV ?......94-97 ? leary of Cliff Lee. The injured, Cliff Lea.

    Rocket...yes, it is a 25 man team. But, this year is different. The mgmt. wants this to happen.
    Watch it play out.

    1. Greene looked sharp, was throwing less than 12 pitches an inning. I like the kid, I'd like to keep him around and move Whitley to the pen for now. What's the worst that could happen, he has a 14 point ERA in a three game stretch? We'd be no worse off.

    2. But, but, but, they say they want to win this year?!?
      All BS aside, I think it is a money maker for the team this year, and most of the 50 and under fans have never had a player they could follow with such zeal. He along with Mo and Andy gave the fans someone they could cheer for, game after game!

      I understand the reasoning behind it and, other than not getting very many RBIs and hitting into too damn many DPs...he is the same hitter we have had for the last few years.
      Defensively is where he hurts us the most.
      But, he is the Captain hit over .300 and has been the #1 or #2 hitter for 20 years. Damn, he should have all those records for the Yankees...I can't think of any Yankee playing only for the Yankees for that many years and with that many Plate Appearances can you?
      Jeter has had one hell of a Career with the Yankees, be nice for the team and him to go out with a Ring

  7. BTW Cliff Lee is said to be healthy, ready to start a rehab assignment

  8. JUSTIN MASTERSON....why did he bomb out, and stink up the joint ? Not being himself ?

    Most likely reading that the Yankees are looking at him.....he choked. Spit the bit.
    He would not have made a difference, anyway. Was interesting to watch.

    1. His knee has been bothering him all season long, and his stats have been up and down.

  9. '' Days of Thunder "...Brooks & Dunn...1997.
    The Yankee's starting outfield has how many home runs ?......answer : 13.

    1. Built on speed, not home runs. I see your point though, we need offense

    From today's New Your Daily News....Tuesday 7 / 8 / 14 :

    "Rob Refsnyder is swinging hot bat on farm and, showing poise beyond years, may get promotion."

    MOOSIC, Pa. — Rob Refsnyder is aware that he has become the talk of the Yankee organization, and many fans as well, lately, as the breakout player in the ballclub’s minor league system and perhaps its starting second baseman next season.

    For that matter, his bat may get him to the Bronx before then. The need for offense is such that GM Brian Cashman sent word here a few days ago to have Refsnyder start playing some outfield, in case the Yankees decide to call him up soon.

    * Refsnyder was a corner outfielder, on the Univ. of Arizona's championship team, a few years back.
    He was also MVP.
    A shooting star, a ray of light, a breath of fresh air, etc. They need to find a slot for him on
    this yeas team. The sooner the better.

    1. Problem is Brian Roberts is killing the ball, making the decision a little harder. Unless he wants to play the outfield or third base (where he has never played).

    2. Refsnyder is playing in the OF right now. They moved him out there to learn or I should say, re-learn the out field, as he played the out-field in school! Looks to me; I ain't so dumb after-all!

  11. Hey Patrick, did you see River Avenue Blue's write up about possibly acquiring Martin Prado today?

    1. Hey Daniel...yes I did. They did not play him up, as much as others have.

    2. Just picking a bit buddy, I know they didn't.

  12. John Sterling / Troy Tulowitzki :

    Because of the nature of my working life, I follow the Yankees mostly on radio.
    John Sterling has broadcasted every Yankee game, with various partners, since 1989.
    I am a tremendous fan of his. He is unique, and honest. Special.

    I have listened to thousands of Sterling's pregames, over the past 25 years.
    But, today's was different. On player moves / trades, he always stays in the background,
    until they happen. Keeping his opinions to himself.
    And then tonight, he expressed his feelings as he had never done before.

    Let me try to capsulize.

    He opens with..." There is news out west, in Colorado." ...He then does the pre-game stuff,
    and then returns to the Colorado line.
    "Troy Tulowitzki had stated, that he is open to be traded."
    To a contender. To a team that has a chance to win every year. ( Yankees )

    Then on to Tulowitzki, being a tremendous fan of Derek Jeter. And, it would be a
    wonderful way to pass the torch, as this is Derek's last season.
    Followed by Tulowitzki's awesome stats this year.
    He concludes..." I hope the Yankees move on this, and get him. The Yankees can do anything,
    if they want to. I hope they move on this right now. "
    Again, never has Sterling spoken like this.

    It got patrick's attention. I start thinking....
    Pull this Tulowitzki at third / 2nd, to complete the season. Many problems are answered.
    A different line-up. Just imagine.
    Throw in Refsnyder, and another young man, and off they go. An influx of youth would be great.

    Not so quick...that pitching ? Shane Greene did throw up to 97 mph last night.
    But let's get this fixed. Troy Tulowitzki ?.....get er done.

    1. If we can get Tulo empty the farm, once in a lifetime talent.

  13. JOHN LESTER : New York Yankee ? For 2014 season.

    That is what is starting to stir a bit in Boston. ( Remember Sparky Lyle ? hmmm. )
    Peter Gammons, says Sox mgnt. is open to trading off Lester now, and trying to resign
    in the off season.
    Even to the Yankees. I had to listen twice, to make sure I got it right..
    Tulowitzki & Lester....ship righted ? Close your eyes, and dream.

  14. Lester would be incredibly expensive, especially coming from Boston. Not sure I'd bite that bullet.

  15. Mr. Reed I don't believe anyone has ever thought or said you were dumb. I knew they moved him to the outfield but I thought of that as a depth/versatility move more than anything. Pirela learned the outfield too. It could be in preparation to call him up when we drop the extra relief pitcher

  16. Sorry Daniel...
    I meant that as a self deprecating remark!


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