Sunday, July 6, 2014

Yankees' Bats Get Good Again in Series-Clinching Win Over Twins

In this weekend's series at Target Field, the Yankees' offense has been many things.

On Thursday, it was lazy for the contest's early going, before becoming a dominant force on Friday and a point of frustration on Saturday.

In other words, over these last few days the Yanks' bats have been inconsistent, something further proven this afternoon, with them taking an early 9-0 lead to eventually beat the Twins, 9-7.

Going into the game, it seemed likely that the Bombers would win due to their obvious pitching advantage, although you have to imagine that no one out there predicted this, with the suddenly-hot Pinstripes knocking Minnesota's Ricky Nolasco out after just 2 innings. 

And they didn't exactly do it in a merciful way.

To start things off, Mark Teixeira made it 1-0 with a top-of-the-first single to right, followed immediately by a long RBI Double from Brian McCann.

On that two-base knock from McCann, Teixeira was actually thrown out at the plate, but considering that the score was still 2-0 I'm sure that mistake can be forgiven. 

In their very next turn, similar to what they did Friday, the Yankees also got the best of Nolasco, crossing home four more times on a Derek Jeter Sac Fly and a Jacoby Ellsbury three-run home run, his fifth of the season. 

At that point, the up-by-six Yanks were in complete control, a positive sign they would add onto yet again in their half of the fourth, scoring another trio on a hit and a forceout from the aforementioned Jeter and Ellsbury as well as a balk by Twins' Reliever Anthony Swarzak.

As you probably expected, those nine runs ended up proving to be more than enough for team Starter Hiroki Kuroda, who evened up his record at 6-6 with a 5 2/3-frame, 4-run performance.

Yes, the Bombers' bullpen (consisting of Adam Warren, Jim Miller, and David Robertson - who got save #21 with a one-run outing in the ninth) did have some trouble in the contest's later moments, but since the team did still win to take the series you can't help but be happy with them right now, as the W got the now 44-43 club back over the .500 mark.

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