Sunday, February 19, 2012

Welcome To Spring Training

The countdowns are over, the speculation is over, it is good ole baseball time down in Tampa St. Pete FL. Pitchers and catchers are finishing their physicals, if need be, and ready to do some light work outs.

Joe Girardi's flight has been delayed so his annual press conference will also be delayed, originally scheduled for 11 am this morning.

Jorge Posada's old corner locker now belongs to catcher Francisco Cervelli. Andy Pettitte's old locker now belongs to Hiroki Kuroda, no pressure Hiroki.

Also in our last slate of news Hiroki Kuroda has decided to wear #18 this season. Michael Pineda has decided to wear #35 and Andruw Jones will wear #22 this season. We are still waiting to either Sign Ibanez, Chavez, Guerrero, and/or Damon so stay tuned.

UPDATE: Jorge Posada's #20 was NOT assigned, which I like. I see it being retired.

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