Friday, March 23, 2012

Andy Pettitte Faces Live Batters

Andy Pettitte amazingly faced live batting practice today for the first time since signing his 2.5 million dollar minor league pact with the Yankees less then a week ago. After thirty five warm up pitches he threw an additional twenty six pitches to live batters and two pitch outs. Reportedly everything went and felt great and that is all you can ask for at this point in the comeback. Pettitte was "pleasantly surprised" with the command and effectiveness of his off speed pitches at this stage in the game.

Andy says while he wants to "take it slow" with this come back that he could be back, if everything goes well and as planned, as soon as May 1st. May 1st with the big league club would create one hell of a log jam with the starting pitching but when did that ever become a bad thing?

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