Monday, March 19, 2012

Freddy Garcia... The Yankee Clubhouse Cancer?

Borrowed from Bronx Daily Baseball

A lot of Yankees and their fans were thrilled last week when the news was broke that Andy Pettitte was returning to the Bronx this year. However, not everybody is thrilled. For one, some of the prospects on the farm can’t be too happy having another veteran blocking their progress. And then there is Freddy Garcia
And asked his opinion of (Pettitte’s unexpected return), Garcia said, “I don’t really care. That’s their decision. I’m here to pitch and that’s what I want to do.”
And when he was asked if he thought Pettitte’s return was good for the team, Garcia had had enough. ”I don’t know man,” he said. “Ask the people. I don’t know. I guess.”
And he got up and walked out.
Since Garcia has gotten here he has been a model teammate by all accounts, helping out the young pitchers and generally being a good guy. However, Pettitte’s return means less playing time and a likely trade for him and he obviously isn’t happy about that.
It’s hard to blame him, but like he told Matthews earlier in the interview, anything can happen with the Yankees. He signed very early on this offseason, when you do that it’s hard to tell what the team is going to look like opening day. In this case, he might not even be on it.

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