Monday, April 23, 2012

Pineda's MRI Rescheduled

According to numerous reports, the first I saw coming from the Twitter account of Meredith Marakovits, the dye-contrast MRI that Michael Pineda will get has been pushed back until tomorrow. Apparently there were scheduling conflicts.

Not only is this not cool because we have to wait another day to find out if we should write off Pineda for 2012, but this also makes me think he's fine. I mean, there's no way the New York Yankees can't get a test done as soon as they want. We're not talking about some pitcher in Little League here, who has to wait til the doctor can fit him in.

Maybe I'm wrong, and the MRI will reveal structural damage that takes him out of things this season. But I'm starting to believe that's not the case, and a little more rest is all that's necessary.

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