Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jorge Soler Now A Free Agent

For real this time...

Jorge Soler is officially a free agent now so let the bidding process and eventual spending spree begin. The Yankees passed on Yoenis Cespedes claiming that they had more interest in a younger, and some say better, Jorge Soler when he became available.

Jorge Soler is 20 years old and is a Cuban defector, which generally means they are ahead of their age in terms of baseball. Jorge is being compared to Cespedes so it is notable to look at Cespedes four year $36 million dollar deal that he received as a starting point for Soler. Soler is not considered major league ready like Cespedes was so I would think that he would command probably a three year deal with less money, but again that is just my speculation as a blogger. It totally depends on the team that signs him whether he starts in the major leagues or not.

Some of the teams that seem to be interested are the Red Sox, Blue Jays, White Sox, Phillies, Astros, Orioles, and of course the Yankees (or you would not be reading about it here). Soler is generally a right fielder, a position that we MAY have an opening for as soon as next season, and is said to have very RAW power but the potential to be a five tool player and an athlete. He seems to have all the things you cannot teach so as long as he is with someone who can teach him the rest I think he could be a very productive major leaguer in his career.

Jorge Soler needs to sign with a team by July 2nd or he will be eligible for next years spending cap on International Free Agency. I do not think that will be a problem because Soler's agent has said the deadline for teams to submit their bids is June 7th, just a mere five days away.... Get to work Cash!

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