Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meet A Prospect : Austin Aune

The New York Yankees selected SS/CF Austin Aune with their second overall pick in the MLB First Year Player's Draft, the 89th overall pick. Austin spent his high school days playing for Argyle High School in Austin Texas. Austin signed an above slot deal of $1 million which was nearly double the $548K slot recommended by MLB. So much for the new CBA keeping teams like the Yankees from flexing their financial muscle and getting who they want.

Austin Aune was a two sport star in Argyle High School playing both football and baseball in Austin Texas. Aune is considered a potential five tool player who bats left handed with plus power. He has more then adequate speed, which helps him both at short stop and in the outfield, and has a Jeff Francouer type arm. Aune is considered a bit raw but his upside is encouraging for the Yankees who again took a guy they could afford to take a risk on and be patient with. It is noteworthy that Austin passed up a scholarship to TCU to sign with the Yankees. 

Austin's bat, although I am getting WAY ahead of myself, will translate fantastically in the New Yankee Stadium. If his speed and arm really do translate into being a Center Fielder then that would make the deal all the sweeter. Although their are not as many power hitting short stops anymore so either way he could be a double threat guy for the team. I am in love with this signing and pick so I will personally be watching Austin in his minor league career. 

Austin is already playing in the GCL for the Yankees and in 48 at bats (at the time of this being written which is a little in advance) is batting .292 with 10 RBIs. He has 14 K's but already has 2 doubles and a triple to his stat book. 

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  1. Congratulation to him to reach to the mayor league and it is great that all the work that he did, it was worth it.


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