Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yankees Trade Deadline Targets : Ryan Dempster

In 17 days we will all, undoubtedly, be glues to our TVs and computers watching just what your favorite baseball team does at the July 31st trade deadline. Will your team be a seller or a buyer? Is your team a pretender or contender? The Yankees are definite contenders but I am not so sure that they will be buying much of anything.

As we all know the Yankees will be linked to ANY and ALL outfielders and ANY and ALL starting pitchers. The first of those starting pitchers that we are going to cover is Cubs right handed starting pitcher Ryan Demptser.

Ryan Dempster, as of today 7/14/12, has a scoreless IP streak of 33 innings with six shut out innings against the Arizona Diamondbacks. First let us get down to business... There is a reported 10 clubs interested in the Cubs right hander, one of them is reportedly the Yankees, but Dempster is a 10.5 guy which means he can veto ANY trade the Cubs try and make. Reports are saying that the Cubs have been scouting any and everyone's lower levels of their systems which I find interesting and scary at the same time because we have such great talent, probably our best talent, in the lower levels of the system in Charleston and Tampa.

I really do not expect us to, and hope that we do not, trade for 35 year old Ryan Dempster. While he has a great ERA, 1.88, in a pitcher's park the National League is still the National League. I will ALWAYS be weary of a NL pitcher coming to the AL. I will ALWAYS be weary of a guy on a crappy team with no pressure coming to New York. I will also ALWAYS be weary of giving up good prospects for a "luxury" and a rental. Dempster is signed through this year and makes $14 million bucks this year but obviously that money would be prorated.

In closing this rumor gets a thumb down. Although adding his wife to the Wives & Girlfriends section would not be the worst thing that could happen....

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