Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chris Stewart Appreciation Post

For a guy that is not CC Sabathia's personal catcher maybe he very well should be because he has been great back there for CC and the Yankees as a whole. In a shocking move to some, including myself, the Yankees acquired Chris Stewart to back up Russell Martin behind the dish late in Spring Training rather then use Francisco Cervelli. Chris Stewart has done nothing to disappoint and has done nothing but make Brian Cashman, once again, look like a genius. Let's take a look at what Chris Stewart has done for the Yankees this season behind the plate in limited action.

.268 AVG (career high)
1 HR (2 away from career high)
12 RBI (career high in MLB)
30 H (3 away from MLB career high)
.294 OBP (0.06 points from career high)
.357 SLG (career high)
.285 wOBA (career high)
0.4 WAR (1.2 career high WAR last season)
4 Errors

His contributions go way beyond the stats. He has allowed us to give Russell Martin regular rest while calling great games behind the dish. He is a real stopper when it comes to opposing base runners and is used to a National League type play, which you do not see around here much time. Chris seems to play his heart out every time he goes out there with no exceptions or complaints. I just hope that we can reward Chris with a ring for his hard work this season.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)