Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Curtis Granderson : The Lead Off Hitter

Curtis Granderson has been the Yankees lead off hitter now for five games and after five games I am ready to move him back to the #2 spot. I know I am probably overreacting and in a little bit of a ranting kind of mood after watching the Yankees for the last two or three weeks so I say that in advance of you reading this.  With that said, here we go. 

The Yankees, first and foremost, are 2-3 in the games that Curtis is leading off. Does that mean the offense is any less efficient with him as the leadoff hitter? Probably not, especially when A Rod is out and guys like Raul Ibanez and Eric Chavez are being leaned on as 5th spot hitters, but like I said I am in a rant kind of mood and disgusted with watching us lose. Curtis Granderson is 2-20 as a lead off hitter which equates to a .100 average. He has zero extra base hits and only 2 RBI's to go with his 3 walks and 6 strike outs. 

Curtis has seen his batting average drop from .248 as a second place hitter to .240 in a matter of five games. He has seen his OBP also drop from .343 to .335 since making the switch. His slugging and OPS are down as well but that can be expected with a .100 average and no extra base hits. 

I know this is a extremely small sample size and I know that I am overreacting but I am just tired of losing. Make the change and make it now. 

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