Monday, August 13, 2012

David Phelps Appreciation Post

David Phelps has been the best that we could have ever asked for this season. Whether he is starting, mopping up games, setting up, middle relief, cleaning toilets, or dominating the minor leagues he has done what he has been asked and done it well. For a guy that many, NOT myself included, had behind guys like Adam Warren, Dellin Betances, and Manny Banuelos (well maybe him) he has done a ton in many peoples opinions towards changing their minds. Let's look at what Mr. Phelps, no relation to that swimmer guy, has done for the Yankees in various roles this season.

Phelps will be starting tonight in place of recently DL'd CC Sabathia against the Texas Rangers and recently acquired Ryan Dempster.

2-3 Win/Loss Record
52  IP 
9.69 K/9 
1.04 HR/9
87.7 LOB %
43.2 GB %
2.42 ERA
3.70 FIP
0.6 WAR 
1.13 WHIP
.208 BAA

David has been the "go to, get stuff done" kind of guy that everyone likes to have around. The best part about it is that he has always had a smile on his face doing it. He has had a roller coaster of a rookie season for the Yankees but if it ends with a ring then I do not think you will hear him complain, or anyone for that matter, too awfully loud. Thank you David now let us get this kid a ring!


  1. Nice work by David tonight. It was especially sweet to destroy Dempster along with it.

  2. I have been saying all along that I didnt think Dempster was going to cut it in the AL.

    David has this confidence that you can just see beaming off of him now. Something we did not see in the April version of David Phelps.


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