Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Derek Jeter Appreciation Post

Derek Jeter is probably the most appreciated player that we have on the Yankees.. so why would I make an appreciation post for him you ask? Simply put the guy is 38 years old and still producing like he is 28 years old. He can still take that ball the other way, fight off tough pitches, hit for a high average, and is far from a slouch in the field (although his range is limited as it always has been) with the best of them (or better) at his age. Derek Jeter has been the rock at the top of the Yankees order, the spark plug in most cases, and as always an integral part to the Yankees on both sides of the ball.

Here are a look at the 2012 stats from our 38 year old shortstop as of 8/14

.318 AVG
9 HR
38 RBI
154 H
.360 OBP
.424 SLG
.343 wOBA
1.9 WAR
8 Errors

Thank you Derek for simply being Derek. That is all that will be said because that is all that needs to be said. Your name alone speaks for itself. Now go out there and get ring number six!!

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