Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brian Cashman 2012 GM Of The Year

Let's make one thing clear before I even begin writing. I do NOT think Brian Cashman is going to win the 2012 GM of the Year award and no I do not think he will even be in the conversation. If his name if brought up all you will hear is how anyone could win with a $200 million payroll, going over slot on the draft, buying International Free Agents, etc etc etc. All these "unbiased" news people and people with votes will ignore all the under the radar gems we continue to find year in and year out.

Eric Chavez

Eric Chavez was signed to give guys like Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira days off in the field. Chavez was a risky signing, especially last season, because of all the injuries but has managed to *knock on wood again* stay off the DL all season long. He has also filled in with great glove work, power shots, and a great presence in the clubhouse. All for under 1 million bucks (900K)

Raul Ibanez

Raul Ibanez, even at age 40, has been nothing more then stellar all things considered. Cashman signed Raul to split time against right handed pitching over Johnny Damon even though Damon had better splits against right handed pitching and was very familiar with New York and loved by the fans here. Granted Johnny Damon wanted more money then Raul Ibanez but Cashman did not falter. Raul has done nothing but come up with big hit after big hit and fill in for injured guys like Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner better then any of us could have hoped for or expected. All for $1.1 million bucks.

Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart, not fist pumping and energetic Francisco Cervelli, has been our back up catcher this season. Despite rumors and denials he has also pretty much been CC Sabathia's personal catcher all of this season. He has filled in admirably behind the dish calling games, throwing out runners, with the bat setting career highs almost all the way across the board, and even done some things on the base paths. All for George Kontos and $482K.

Derek Lowe

Yes I know it was one game so that is why I am listing him last but signing a guy on a pro rated league minimum salary and having the Braves and the Indians pay his salary for us while he pitches four shut out innings and gets a save while also saving our bullpen was ingenious. Do not get me wrong I was leading the "WTF" charge on twitter when we signed him but we all looked pretty dumb last night, including a prolific Texas Rangers offense, when Lowe walked off the mound with his shirt tucked in. If we can get any semblance of the guy that pitched last night then this bullpen just got all the more nastier and maybe even sealed the fate of Freddy Garcia... finally.

I think I have said enough here to show the value that Brian Cashman has brought us this season. I did not even mention the Clay Rapada and Cody Eppley signings that have really solidified our bullpen and made it once again a strength for us even without Mariano Rivera. I also have not mentioned the trade that brought us Ichiro and CASH for basically nothing useful or the Casey McGehee for nothing trade. Andruw Jones for $2 million was not the worst deal that we have ever signed either *cough Carl Pavano cough*. Bringing back Andy Pettitte seemed like a no brainer but Cashman could have said no I guess and NOT giving Russell Martin a big extension looks rather genius right now as well. Granted for every Ichiro trade there is a Michael Pineda trade that does not work out the way you liked it to but it is not like Jesus Montero or Hector Noesi are doing anything special anyway. Hell the Mariners already have Mike Zunino in AA because they are rushing him to the majors to be behind the plate but I digress.

Brian Cashman does have a $200 million payroll, we all know that, but it is the little things that he has done that have kept this team together. It is the minor little signings and such that kept our heads above water while we have $100 million bucks or more (slight exaggeration but with Arod and CC on the DL making around $50 million combined you get my point) sitting on the disabled list. I know Brian Cashman will not even be considered for GM of the Year and that is a damn shame in my very humble and biased opinion but you have our appreciate Brian. Thank you Ninja Cash!

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