Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is Losing CC For 15 Days THAT Bad?

CC Sabathia, as we all know by now, is going to the 15 day DL because of soreness in his left throwing elbow. I am assuming that David Phelps is going to start in place of the big man. He is eligible to come off the DL on August 23rd so let us look at who we face in between then and now.

First and foremost the Yankees will be facing Ryan Dempster and the Texas Rangers on Monday. I think Ryan Dempster is going to get bombed in the American League so I hope our offense makes me look right. This does not worry me as much to be completely honest if the offense makes me look like psycho psychic.

The next start will be against the Boston Red Sox at home on Saturday the 18th. Josh Beckett is scheduled to make that start but you never can tell if he will make the start the way his back and blisters like to get all worked up. The Sox are in 4th place and clinging to a 2nd wild card spot.

We luck out being off on Thursday August 23rd or I would think that CC would miss yet another start. If everything goes well I think CC could be back starting on Friday August 24th against the Cleveland Indians on the road.

Things could be a whole lot worse. I am not overly concerned since he has pitched, and pitched effectively, since the elbow stiffness started. If this keeps him fresh and keeps him healthy for when it matters I do not think losing CC for 2 starts, albeit "important" starts against good teams, is going to really sink us whatsoever. Get healthy CC!


  1. So far so good...great psycho, err...psychic ability!

  2. I believe he'll be fine. If he wasn't, then there's no way Girardi would have let him throw 94 pitches the start after he felt discomfort.

  3. Now all we gotta do is bomb Beckett


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