Saturday, August 11, 2012

Eric Chavez Appreciation Post

Eric Chavez is in his second season with the Yankees and has been nothing but stellar for us. He has signed on to be a part time player to help give Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira days off and has excelled as a part time player. This season, especially lately, he has been counted on to bat in the middle of the lineup and man the hot corner and has not had a single hiccup. He has even *knock on wood* managed to stay healthy all season long with zero trips to the DL. Here is what Eric Chavez has done this season as a Yankee.

77 G
12 HR
29 RBI
.289 AVG
.347 OBP
.526 SLG
.366 wOBA
1.3 WAR
Only 4 Errors in the field
1 Head shot of Cody Eppley

This post is in appreciation for Eric Chavez and what he has done for the Yankees this season. Thank you Eric and hopefully we can reward you this season with a ring.

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