Sunday, August 12, 2012

Raul Ibanez Appreciation Post

I am not going to lie I was one of the many that had fond memories of Johnny Damon as a Yankee. Fond memories of that walk off weekend against the Twins, fond memories of Derek Jeter batting second in a lineup, and fond memories of another great club house guy. When I heard we were going after 40 year old Raul Ibanez over Johnny Damon, who is slowly approaching 3000 hits, I was honestly confused and appalled by it. Boy was I wrong...

Clutch hit after clutch hit and stepping up when we needed him most in the abscence of Brett Gardner I think we got everything we could have ever wanted  from him AND Johnny Damon wrapped up in one player, Raul Ibanez. Let's look at this great season that Raul, You're So Cool, is having:

.247 AVG
15 HR
51 RBI
71 H
.309 OBP
.469 SLG
.330 wOBA
0.8 WAR
0 Errors

Raul I admit it I was wrong and I apologize. I fell into the signing a player more for their name and previous accolades then I did the stats (even though Johnny Damon's splits vs RHP were better... just saying ) and situations. When used properly there is still a ton left in that tank and I am glad that your tank has been here in New York with us. Now let's get you a ring!

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