Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So Far So Good For Yankees Derek Lowe

Everyone on twitter was almost making fun of the Brian Cashman signing of veteran sinker baller Derek Lowe, myself included, but he made us all look foolish if only for a night. Lowe pitched four innings of shut out baseball and got the save in an 8-2 Yankees victory. Unfortunately, no, he did not untuck his shirt when he got the save but maybe next time. 


  1. If it was 1 inning or less then I wouldn't give his outing a second thought. But he went 4 innings without giving up a run, and only allowed 2 hits. And he struckout 4 batters without walking any. Maybe this boy has some stuff left, and could eat some fairly important innings for us.

  2. I know on MLB Tonight they had the ball park cam and it showed Rothschild working with Lowe yesterday before the game. It is probably not a coincidence that he pitched so well. They were obviously working on the windup and hiding the ball by the looks of it.


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