Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hiroki Kuroda Appreciation Post

As all of our fans knows I am a huge fan of Hiroki Kuroda. I even pointed out in one of my post how stats are either comparable or better then our ace CC Sabathia. Kuroda is showing that not only can a National League pitcher come to the American League and be just as good, if not better, but also that a Japanese pitcher can in fact be productive in America. Kuroda is a steal on a one year deal and only $10 million deal that he signed this offseason. Let us look at his stats for this season thus far:

10 - 8 Win/Loss Record
150 IP 
6.96 K/9 
0.96 HR/9
78.1% LOB %
50.7% GB %
3.24 ERA
3.76 FIP
2.9 WAR 
1 CG
1.19 WHIP
.250 BAA

I want to thank Hiroki Kuroda for being a much better pitcher then his win and loss record shows, for keeping our head above water when everyone else was struggling and CC was out, and for going out there every 5th day and giving it his all. I know you will not understand this when you read it Hiroki but thank you for being a Yankee. Now let us go get a ring!!



  1. I didn't think he'd be anything special, but I was in the camp that liked the signing during the offseason. I heard many people say it was a waste of money. Of course, that's when we thought Pineda was going to be around too, but still...

  2. Oh I was right there with you. I loved Kuroda on this team but I loved Kuroda because he was gonna be the best #3 or #4 starter in the league. I expected average... not ace material


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