Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Note About Girardi's Press Conference

Although this morning's end of season press conference with Joe Girardi wasn't going to set the Yankee blogosphere on fire, one thing the Yankee skipper had to say caught my attention. It's not a direct quote, but here is the basics of what was said...
He [Girardi] also spoke about the Yankees getting power from non-traditional power sources (specifically catcher, second base, and center field) and their [sic] ability of the offense to absorb the loss of a homerun hitter if that happens this winter. - River Ave Blues
I've had a number of conversations regarding the Yankees already hitting enough home runs, particularly a small Twitter war with a fellow Yankee blogger. What my side of the discussions boiled down to was that the Yankee offense could use a bit of a change. Emphasis on the word "bit", as the bats clearly are capable of carrying the team... regardless of what we saw during the last few weeks of Yankees' season.

Over the last three seasons the Yankees have hit 668 home runs, which is 27 more than the 2nd place team in that category... the Blue Jays. The next closest team, the Red Sox, have hit 579 homers. So it's safe to say that the team hits enough long balls.

So I believe that if the Yankees can acquire a younger player, who can regularly bat around .290 and get on base 35% of the time, while playing really good defense, then they absolutely should do it. Even if that means losing a handful of nice prospects.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it's assumed Joe Girardi was referring to Nick Swisher when he mentioned absorbing the loss of a home run hitter.

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