Friday, October 26, 2012

Mariano Rivera May Be Leaning Towards Retirement

Mariano Rivera was adamant about returning for the 2013 just weeks after tearing his ACL in Kansas City way back in May of this year but now he might not be so sure. Brian Cashman spoke to Mariano personally and was told that he was not sure whether he would be coming back or not which is at the other end of the spectrum from his previous statements. Mariano Rivera is 43 years old and has always said that he wanted to go out on top and at the top of his game and there are no guarantees that we would see the 2011 version of Mariano in 2013 but at the same time a lesser Mariano Rivera is probably still better then 27 or 28 other closers in the majors. I personally hope he comes back so he can get the Canyon of Heroes type reception everywhere he went like Chipper Jones did this season, and I am pretty greedy which never hurts either.

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