Monday, October 8, 2012

Pettitte Returning in 2013?

Andy Pettitte only threw 129 innings in 2010, and didn't throw a single pitch in 2011. So there was no way I would have bet he'd return to the team in 2013, even after a batted ball broke his leg back in June. I'm not saying I would have been surprised to see him return in 2013, but he's already sat out a year and is 40 years old, so I couldn't have expected him to be a Yankee once again next season. But what he said recently makes me think otherwise...
“I know one thing: I know the competition and the desire to compete is still there, and I don’t feel like I kind of got that itch out from the 70 innings or so that I threw this year.”
Of course, we have to take into account that it's the postseason, and everybody's blood is flowing a bit more than normal. So you can't take what they say as gospel, since a little rest at the end of the season can make one think, "yeah, I've had about enough, time to settle down". Especially if the Yankees are able to win the World Series this year, and Andy is a big part of that. But it's nice to know that Andy still has that passion and drive

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