Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yankees Interested In Torii Hunter

In my Offseason Decisions: Nick Swisher post I mentioned some alternatives in free agency, but one guy I didn't mention was Torii Hunter. Well, according to Mark Feinsand, the Yankees are interested in the former Angel.

Hunter hit .313/.365/.451 last season, but that was a bit out of the ordinary for him. He had an extremely high BABIP of .389, which tells me that anybody thinking he can repeat that slash line is out of their minds. However, Torii does play solid defense, and could probably hit somewhere around .275/.340/.445, which would be plenty useful for the Yankees.

More on this as it develops... although I'm sure nothing will come of this news anytime soon.


  1. Replies
    1. If he'd sign a one year deal for no more than $10 million then I'd be okay with it. And he's only missed 7 games over the past 3 years, along with not appearing on the DL since 2009.

      Is he the most ideal person for the job? Probably not, but he's hardly a terrible choice.


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