Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ervin Santana Comes Off The Yankees Board

Not that the Yankees necessarily had Ervin Santana on their board but if they did after the report earlier of the eagerness to trade him it is too late now. Ervin Santana has been shipped to the Kansas City Royals with cash considerations up to $1 million for LHP Brandon Sisk. The Royals will be on the hook for $12 million of the remaining $13 million after the option for 2013 was picked up. I do not know how high on the board Santana was for the Yankees but the price for Haren just wen't up a little.


  1. According to Fangraphs, Santana was only worth $12 million once in the previous 4 seasons. And if you add up all 3 seasons in which he wasn't worth $12 million, you get $9.5 million.

    So good luck to KC.

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