Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Award Week : Manager Of The Year Prediction

American League Finalists:

Buck Schowalter - BAL
Robin Ventura - CHW
Bob Melvin - OAK

As much as I hate to admit it Buck Schowalter did an absolutely amazing job with very little this season in Baltimore. It seems like he got the best out of anyone and everyone the GM through at him. Guys like Nate McClouth and Joe Saunders led the team down to the very last day of the season with the big bad Yankees. Bob Melvin may win this and frankly he probably should after winning the AL West with the second lowest payroll in baseball but the whole West Coast bias and the American League East will come into effect in my opinion. Not to take anything away from Robin Ventura but his team did not even make the playoffs and with that payroll they frankly should have. Joe Girardi should have been on this ballot before Robin Ventura was but maybe the #homer is coming out in me again. 

National League Finalists:

Davey Johnson - WASH
Dusty Baker - CIN
Bruce Bochy - SF

I know it is going to be a hard sell for the World Series winning manager from San Francisco, Bruce Bochy, to not win the Manager of the Year award but hear me out. I know that Bruce Bochy did what he did with a struggling Tim Lincecum and without his closer in Brian Wilson, I get it, but what Davey Johnson did is better in my opinion. He took a reasonably young team and rode the backs of the Bryce Harpers, the Stephen Strasburghs, the Ryan and Jordan Zimmermans, the Drew Storens, the Tyler Clippards, etc and not only won the National League East but took their Division Series to the brink with big hits and well managed games. 

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