Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cashman Lacked Authority To Make Offers

Apparently someone was not paying attention to their father, Mr. George Steinbrenner, the last time Brian Cashman felt frustrated from a lack of power and flexibility. Brian Cashman told reporters today that he lacked the authority to make any offers to free agents this year at the Winter Meetings. Whether that meant he could not offer ANYONE a deal and the few offers we saw were all management driven or the more likely scenario that he had to get management approval first is something we may never know but either way I do not like it. Limiting your GM is not something unheard of or even really that uncommon if you ask around the league but Brian Cashman has been with the Yankees for what feels like 20 years now so I would have thought he would get more leash then most. I cannot say that I really like this new direction the Yankees brass are seemingly headed in.

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