Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Joba Chamberlain As A Starter? Here We Go Again..

We all remember the fiasco with the "Joba Rules" and the innings and pitch limits set on Joba Chamberlain when the Yankees experimented with him as a starting pitcher not too long ago and we may have to hear about it just a little more. In a post game interview Joba was asked what his ultimate aspiration would be as a Major Leaguer and his answer was to be a starting pitcher. His 2008 shoulder injury ultimately sealed the deal with Joba as a starter but he still believes that he can do it. I want to make it clear that he never requested being put in the rotation or said he thinks he should be a starter he just answered a question honestly and will probably catch flak for it.

Joba said in the interview "do you think you have the capability to start? Yes." Joba went on to say "Do I have four pitched that I can throw for a strike? Yes. Do I have two plus pitches in the bullpen that I can throw at any time? Yes. I feel like I'm good enough to do both. I've proven that I can do both." No worries Yankees fans though Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi quickly shot down the idea of Joba as a starter this season so maybe we won't have to hear about this all season long.

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