Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Morning Bits: Granderson, Damon, Granderson's replacement

mug3Good morning all let's get right to the links....

-- Tyler Kepner of The New York Times with Granderson out the Yankees are going to be short on the long ball.

-- Damon has made his pitch to the Yankees writes Andrew Marchand of ESPN NY.

-- Bryan Hoch of MLB.com reports that the replacement for Granderson will likely be in house.


  1. The only thing good to come out of the injury with Granderson is that others will get a shot or more playing time in Spring Training. We all know Granderson is going to start when he comes back so this gives more looks for the young guys and for the add-on pieces that the Yankees signed.

    What is everyone's likes and dislikes so far in this early spring training?

  2. My likes: Gardner looks healthy and ready for the season. It also looks like he's working on his bunting which could be the ultimate weapon for the Yanks. However, I felt that the Yanks could have scored if it wasn't a bunch of minor leaguers or non-roster invitees behind him since he was on all three times yesterday. I also like how Jeter's getting healthy, Mo's getting healthy. And I like the fact that we could see Joba and D-Rob in today's game.

    My dislikes: Granderson's injury. Whose going to replace Granderson? In a lineup where there's so many questions and so little answers. We solved one question which was put Gardner in CF, but only because Granderson got injured. It felt like a reenactment of "The Hunger Games" except no one killed anyone (although someone was so injured they couldn't man the position). Another dislike is that none of the non-roster hitters are impressing me (well, minus Zolio Almonte and Jayson Nix). The guys who Cashman thought could be good for depth (Diaz, Rivera) were both hit-less and they looked lost in yesterday's game. Although it's Spring Training, now is the time to show the managing what you can do. If you can't do that in the Spring then there's no way you'll get a job with the team come April.

    One last tidbit: I noticed watching the lineup up and down yesterday that Gardner was hustling like it was a regular game, competing as if he were competing for a roster spot along with Jayson Nix. After those two, everyone looked like they were just playing a game of baseball where they didn't hustle up the first baseline, took bad routes to balls and looked lost against major league pitching. In that "impress me game", aside form Nix, I wasn't impressed.

    Also, does anyone else think that it would have been great to have Chris Dickerson here right now? He could have easily solved the Granderson problem if the Yanks hadn't let him go.

  3. Come on Delia, we both know Brett knows no other way to play the game! Shame on you for even thinking otherwise! lol
    Brett said he worked out over the winter months and said he had never worked out before so it was new to him. I am not surprised at all about his statement, he and I have a lot in common that way. Ever notice the shorter guys with speed, athleticism don't need a rigorous work out system like Jeter, Tex and the larger players do but, this year I do understand his problem this year!
    He is working to keep his job and not be a platoon player, after all, one of those three lefties will be set down for a right hander...it need not be Brett! Right?

  4. Very true, but Girardi and Cashman made it clear the player set down will not be Brett. Brett has no minor league options and he's locked in for the 2013 roster. He's just getting ready for the season. And I'd like him to do that without breaking a part of his body even though I love his hustle. :)

  5. I'm sorry Delia, I didn't mean sent down...just be pinch hit for against left handers! I ain't got no learn'en, all da time! Dat's the NY Citys Kitchen talkin at ya!

    I do and have, liked him from the first time I saw him on the Farm, back a few years. I am sure you saw him back then also?
    I have liked his abandonment in the games and his every and anything to win. As you, I don't want to see him get hurt, he is going to be a big part of this team this year but, he needs rest or he will burn out.


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