Friday, February 1, 2013

The Greedy Pinstripes Top 25 Prospect List

I have decided in honor of "prospect month" on The Greedy Pinstripes for the month of February that I would wait until now to post my own personal Top 25 prospects list. Love it or hate it but either way here it goes. Here is a little bit of a spoiler, I am guaranteed to turn some heads with my #1 selection.

25. Corey Black

24. Matt Tracy

23. Adam Warren

22. Nick Goody

21. JR Murphy

20. Cito Culver

19. Corban Joseph

18. Austin Romine

17. Bryan Mitchell

16. Greg Bird

15. Dante Bichette Jr. 

14. David Adams

13. Nik Turley

12. Jose A. Ramirez

11. Angelo Gumbs

10. Mark Montgomery

9. Ty Hensley

8. Brett Marshall

7. Manny Banuelos

6. Rafael DePaula

5. Jose Campos

4. Slade Heathcott

3. Mason Williams

2. Gary Sanchez

1. Tyler Austin

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