Sunday, April 7, 2013

Whats Wrong W/ The Yankees Rotation

The Yankees five starting pitchers have each had a turn through the rotation and the Yankees starting rotation seems to be in shambles. Outside of the 40 year old wonder Andy Pettitte the Yankees rotation has failed to give Joe Girardi any kind of length, consistency of the good kind, or pitch well. The Yankees have started out the season 1-4 and will not face Justin Verlander today with the distinct possibility of starting the season 1-5 and having their ace CC Sabathia starting the season 0-2. Let's take a statistical look at the Yankees starting pitchers so far this season.

CC Sabathia

0-1 W/L
7.20 ERA
1 G
5.0 IP
2.400 WHIP

Hiroki Kuroda

0-1 W/L
13.50 ERA
1 G
1.1 IP
3.750 WHIP

Andy Pettitte

1-0 W/L
1.13 ERA
1 G
8.0 IP
1.125 WHIP

Ivan Nova

0-1 W/L
7.71 ERA
1 G
4.2 IP
1.500 WHIP

Phil Hughes

0-1 W/L
6.75 ERA
1 G
4.0 IP
2.000 WHIP

The Yankees staff has only given Joe Girardi 23 IP in five games leaving the bullpen to pick up 22 IP which has not been a recipe for winning thus far. I do not expect the Yankees to stay anywhere around these numbers but this is still a very scary trend that the Yankees need to turn around sooner rather than later.

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