Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pineda Continues To Impress, And Other Injury Updates

The good news regarding the rehab for Michael Pineda continue to be positive. Not only did he throw 5 innings in an extended Spring Training game today, but his fastball was around 93 mph, which is around where Pineda's fastball was prior to his shoulder surgery. The reports on his slider and changeup were also good ones.

An interesting note regarding Pineda, as Cashman said that he does not expect him to be a reliever upon his return to New York. Of course, things can change, but I like that he's still looked at as a starter... even this season.

As for others, Cashman said that he expects Ivan Nova to return "very soon." Sadly, Cashman more or less dimissed the idea of Ivan being sent to AAA, so both Phelps and Nuno could lose starts once Nova and Pettitte are healthy.

Sorry, but I don't have any updates on Andy's return from his trapezius muscle injury.

Mark Teixeira has been getting a number of at bats in simulated games, and Brian Cashman says that Tex could begin a rehab assignment with Trenton as early as Tuesday. So we could have Mark back by the end of the month.

Lastly, and very interesting, is what Cash had to say about Kevin Youkilis. Yesterday it was my understanding that Youk wouldn't be back before June, which is what I had thought for a while. However, Brian now says Youkilis possibly "joins us by next week." And for the record, by "us", Cashman did mean the big league team.

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