Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Five Yankees Draft Picks Announce They Wont Sign

Five of the players that the New York Yankees drafted in the 2013 MLB First Year Players Draft have announced that they will not be signing with the Yankees. Ryan Butler was the Yankees 16th round pick and has announced that he will be going to UNCC. 26th rounder and son of former Yankees player Paul Quantrill, Cal Quantrill, has announced that he will not be signing with the Yankees either. The Yankees 30th round pick Cody Thomas has also announced his intentions to not sign with the Yankees. Finally the Yankees 37th and 38th round picks Josh Pettitte and Andrew Schmidt have announced that they will not be signing with the Yankees either. No real surprises with Quantrill and Pettitte not signing and the teams usually do not get too tore up when players in the 15th round or beyond decided to go to college or not to sign. You look to lock up your first ten rounds or so and the Yankees have locked up every one of them but 1st round pick Aaron Judge and 7th round pick Nick Rumbelow. Hopefully the Yankees will get both of these guys signed pretty quick.

The rest of the guys that the Yankees have not signed or heard back from regarding signing or not includes 17th rounder Hever Bueno, 18th rounder Dustin Fowler, 20th rounder Drew Bridges,  25th rounder Jordan Floyd, 29th rounder Charlie White, 33rd rounder Shane McCarley, 35th rounder Nick Green, 36th rounder Nestor Cortes, and 40th rounder Kyle Buchanan.

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